Why Landscape?

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Why put money into landscaping?

​Landscaping with Lapinski’s Design Build & Landscaping provides many environmental as well as personal benefits. It . . .

Enhances the Environment

  • Reduces nitrate leaching from the soil into the water supply.
  • Installing plants reduces surface water runoff, keeping phosphorus and other pollutants out of our waterways and preventing septic system overload.
  • Plants and trees screen out street noises and reduce glare from light.
  • Plants improve quality of air by removing carbon dioxide.
  • Trees shading homes reduce attic temperatures resulting in using less air conditioning (conserving on electricity needed).
  • Reduces soil erosion by keeping sediment out of lakes, streams, storms drains and roads thus reducing flooding, mudslides and dust storms.

Increases property market value

Increases community appeal

Adds to our economic well-being and health

Landscaping is an integral part of our culture and is essential to the quality of our environment by affecting our economic well-being and our physical and psychological health.

Encourages awareness and environmental responsibility, while relieving tensions in daily life

Through our gardens and landscapes we acquire a personal awareness and responsibility for the environment while we relive the tensions and frustrations of everyday life.

​Is a cost effective tool for improving and sustaining our quality of life