Eric Lapinski started cutting and maintaining neighbors lawns when he was just twelve years old. As soon as he could drive, he expanded out of his neighbourhood with his dad’s old mower in the back of a used car. The rest is, as they say, history. Today, Lapinski’s Landscaping Inc. has expanded to serve all your landscaping needs, with a full range of Landscaping Maintenance Sykesvill MD equipment. We currently have an answering service which allows us to respond quickly to your requests for service by offering the highest quality landscaping installation and maintenance. We will return your call promptly to arrange for service or answer any questions you may have for us regarding your lawn and garden. We aren’t just Landscaper Sykesville MD, although that is our name. We also provide other services such as Fence Contractor Sykesville MD and Deck Contractor Sykesville MD. If you need privacy or need to keep your children and pets from wandering the neighbourhood, we can build you a fence. Beautiful and intricate to add to your yard’s aesthetic, or simple and small just to keep your pets in, or a tall wooden one to add a bit of privacy; anything you want for your yard, we can take care of you. As for a deck, you know a deck is the focal point of your yard, especially in summer when you have barbecue or neighbourhood parties. If you need a deck build, or just repairs on your existing deck, we’re here for you. You want your deck to be beautifully finished as well as strong enough to hold your entire party. We offer Power Washing Sykesville MD and Painting Contractor Sykesville MD. From something as small as your deck to something as large as your house or garage, we can power wash away all dirt and grime, and make it look brand new. Power washing is also a good idea before a big painting project. Painting over dirt just doesn’t work, and defiantly doesn’t last long. Our professional painting contractors know just how to clean before, during, and after your painting project. Interior or exterior, large or small, just a room, or your whole house, we’ve got you covered. If you’re environmentally conscious, don’t worry, we are too! We recycle all grass clippings, leaves, and shrub clippings. We make compost and mulch, for your yard and for other’s. Lastly, if you find yourself in need of a Demolition Service Sykesville MD, for an old stone wall, a playhouse that’s just falling apart, a dangerous old deck, or anything else, but just don’t know how to go about safely taking it down and hauling away all the pieces, well, we do that too. You don’t want anything in your yard that might hurt your pets, your children, or your guests. So let us take down that old stone wall, or the falling apart playhouse, or the deck that someone would fall though. And we’ll haul everything away, and clean up your yard afterward, so you never have to worry about finding a nail or sharp piece of rock left behind. We’d welcome the opportunity to be your landscapers, and to build a one on one customer relationship with you.

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